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Doing Our Part

In wake of the recent health crisis resulting from the coronavirus outbreak in Canada, the team at BESI feels the need to do their part in flattening the curve. BESI will be redirecting its forces from its regular operations to installation of employee protective sneeze shields. The sneeze shields are able to reduce exposure to airborne contaminants by providing a protective barrier. Employee protective sneeze shields are able to keep hospital, retail, bank and gas station staff and customers safe during this volatile time. It is imperative to keep essential industries operating while trying to minimize the spread of the virus.

Samples of our work: sneeze shields and barriers  

Stuarts quality mean glass shield
The experience of the staff at BESI allows us to quickly switch gears. Our crews are proficient at installing a variety of commercial products and are ready to install any kind of sneeze guard regardless of how it is mounted. Our staff are working extended hours to ensure that the sneeze guards are installed quickly and during the time that is convenient for your place of business. 

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Updated Company Policy

Learn more about our new company policy in response to the developing coronavirus outbreak.

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