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Who We Are

BESI is in an Ontario based company operating within the ICI sector providing installations of your products. Founded and unionized in 2013, BESI’s motto to "Do It Right the First Time" has enabled customers to trust BESI to effectively and securely complete their industrial, commercial and institutional builds.

Sneeze Shields and Barriers

BESI offers high-quality commercial installations for Sneeze Shields and Barriers for retail locations, professional offices, automotive, and more. Contact us today to see how we can assist you. 


Our Work

View our portfolio to see examples of industrial, commercial and institutional projects we've successfully delivered.

WIC - Waterfront Innovation Centre


Queens University preview image

Queen's University


eaton centre preview image

Toronto Eaton Centre


People are walking in the CIBC square.

CIBC Square


1860 Bayview preview image

1860 Bayview


277 Daveport preview image

277 Davenport


Hillcrest mall feature preview image

Hillcrest Mall Cube


CIBC Square including new Union Station Bus Terminal

Our Portfolio   

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Take a Look at the Services we Provide

Design consultation building
Design Consultation.

Installation services with workers on the roof

layout services building with terrace
Layout Services.

Logistical service building with glass being applied
Logistical Support.


Our Partners

Some of the esteemed companies we have partnered with:

You are only as good as your last job, so treat every job as your last and the result will speak for itself

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